Skin Care

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Superconductors of far rafrared ENERGY
One of a Kind, Hand Held Patented Far Infrared Gemstone Treatment device
Made from a perfect ratio of 8 Natural Gemstone Minerals+ Life Giving Energy from the SUN!
$599.00 $699.99
concealing tinted day cream
Available Color:
01 - Vanilla, 02 - Rose Sand, 03 - Sun Kissed
Dr. DYK Ultra 13.5% 
Vita-C Serum
1 x 10 ml bottles
Dr. DYK Ultra 13.5% 
Vita-C Serum
3 x 10 ml bottles
Far-infrared ray and patented gold sheet mask
Enhance moisturizing power, Even out skin tone, Improve elasticity, Soothe the skin.
Provide moisturization, resilience, soothing, density, and tone improvement to the skin through the easily absorbed far-infrared radiation.
Different skin condition each day, different far-infrared radiation care each day
$1,199.99 $1,499.99
Self Skin Care
5 Wave Length Mode Home Care Beauty Equipment
USB Charging
$149.99 $199.99
Filters Clear All
Min: $48.00 Max: $1,200.00
$48 $1200